Barbour Shop Meets Fashion



Loving the shots from this weeks shoot 🙂


Gettin’ Fancy at today’s Photoshoot!



Here are just a couple shots from today’s photoshoot at GotStyle, in Toronto’s Distillery District!

Had a ton of fun shooting with multiple outfits and such a beautiful space! The model, who is just starting out her career as well, did an amazing job today too! So happy with how all the shots turned out 🙂

Done School and Ready to Work!



So now that I have officially graduated, the same question keeps popping up.

“So…what are your plans?”

As if we all just have it figured out…

But! Maybe…I kinda-sorta do?

After finishing classes I happened to land a pretty sweet internship at a modelling agency, where they have given me so much room for opportunities to shoot and be creative! It’s amazing how much I’ve already learned just being there for such a short amount of time. I’ve already done one shoot with one of their newer models, and tomorrow I’ve got another shoot planned… So they are definitely keeping me both busy, as well as keeping me thinking creatively!

I’m hoping that by keeping with these “temporary” jobs, it will allow me to make connections, as well as give me the flexibility of being able to take that travel time I’ve been meaning to plan.

So hopefully I’ll be able to post some new work more frequently! 🙂

Last day of my Undergrad, and I’m busier than ever!


This week has literally flown by, I almost didn’t realize that today was the last day of my undergraduate in Photography!

It has been a little crazy though. I have been non-stop working these past couple days, with helping other people with their work as well as creating new work of my own. This week I had a shoot with the lovely Kenisha Humber, a singer from Toronto, where she brought in a couple dancers for some of her promo material. It was really amazing watching contemporary dancers move throughout the studio space! I am so excited with how these turned out and I can’t wait to post the rest of the final shots on my website.

But now, the next couple weeks will be the final stretch to being completely done my program! I will be presenting my thesis work in just a couple weeks, and I must say, even though I know I am prepared I am definitely nervous! After working constantly on my thesis series for 4 months I am hoping that my hard work pays off. I will also be posting that series in its entirety on my website within the next couple days as well!

So keep an eye out for both of these on my website at 🙂

It’s amazing what you’ll find on old hard-drives…


Since I am currently in the process of putting together a portfolio, I decided it was time to take a peek at some of my old work, just to see if there were a couple shots that would be worth considering. After sifting and searching through far too many folders, I was amazed to with the sheer volume of photos I have taken over the past 4 years!

There was a couple things that I realized while going through these hard drives (besides beginning to feel extremely nostalgic). One, that I should take more time with my photos! I found so many photos from shoots (including the image above) that I remember telling myself, “oh, I’ll just edit these later”…and then I never did! *slap-on-the-wrist*

The second thing I realized is that I have seriously developed and grown as a photographer, both technically and conceptually, far beyond I could have ever imagined. When you’re learning all of these things, and sitting in classes, it doesn’t feel like your retaining that much information…but I guess after 4 years it really begins to sink in!

The last thing that I realized, which is  on a much less positive note, is that I have only really been shooting photos for school and work. There was a time where I made it a point to take a photo a day, even if it wasn’t a very good photo, I was still shooting for fun. I hope that when school is finally done that I will be able to get back into that mind-set, and that I will be able to use what I’ve leant in the best way I possibly can – being able to do what I love…as well as love what I do!

Bring on the sun…Please!

For some reason, this winter decided it was going to be extra cold, and that it would tease us every once and a while with a beautiful day (only to start snowing a day later) … And I’m getting real sick of it!

Not to say that I’m not a fan of winter, but honestly, there’s only so many months of it that I can handle! I just cant wait to be able to go outside, without my giant winter coat, and shoot! The photo above is from the town Sundridge, a small little area in Northern Ontario. In the winter months it is rather beautiful there, however, it’s insanely cold and the snow banks easily tower over me! Summer is much more in my comfort zone. You can go canoeing and swimming in the lake…or even just go for a walk and take photos.

I think that, personally, I am much more motivated in the summer time as well. I don’t feel burdened by having to stay inside to get work done!

But anyways, that’s the end of my little rant. Here’s to hoping for some better weather!

Working on a New Project!

Sonia Cacoilo_20x20_Paintball Field


So it makes me extremely excited to say… that I am so close to being done my final thesis!

After 4 months of hard work, its amazing to see a project come together. It’s also even more rewarding when you have such supportive and helpful professors to guide you along the way (I honestly don’t know what I would do without them)!

It’s also crazy how fast 4 years goes by. Now that I am less than a month away from being done University, its weird to think that I will be thrown into the real world, in the hopes of finding a job that I love just as much as I loved my studies. Photography is not an easy program. Yes, there are less essays and exams than most typical Bachelor Degree programs out there, but it requires a different level of focus and dedication that is difficult to keep up with at times. Creativity needs to come from inspiration, and when your’e in a program with plenty other imaginative and  intelligent people, it can be rather intimidating to come up with ideas for deadlines. But hey, I can only imagine how it is in the real world…

As for my thesis, I will be posting the rest of the images on my website, under the title No Land. The image above is just a little sneak-peek! :p

Time to get Motivated



Photos from my series Rediscovering Our Roots, 2013.


Recently, I have been serious thinking about where I will end up in the next five years. It seems strange that I won’t be in school any more, and entering…wait for it…the real world!

So, this is just a reminder for myself to stay motivated. After hearing a number of photographers speak about their work, it seems like I have a bit of a journey ahead of me, and that patience and optimism is key. I can imagine there will come a point in time where things will seem bleak. But to be honest, I’m really excited about seeing what happens, and where I will find myself, or how I will be able to develop on my own as both a photographer and as a person. So here it goes! 🙂


Catching a Serious Travel Bug!


Grand Canyon, 2010


This photo…every time I see it, it makes me want to hop on a place and just go somewhere. Anywhere. I took this 4 years ago on a very cold trip to Arizona, where the top of the canyon reached record cold temperatures (and for anyone who knows me, knows I hate that cold). But regardless of the weather, this was probably the most amazing trip I have ever been on.

That year, I was lucky enough to travel on three separate occasions. This trip, to Arizona, as well as a trip to the Dominican Republic and Portugal. It is amazing how travel can change you, and how seeing the world, and realizing there is so much more that lies behind the confines of a city can really open your mind and make you a happier person.

It’s not to say that I haven’t left my city in the past 4 years. In fact, I was lucky enough to go on a family vacation to England and Scotland. However, now that I am about to be finished University, I feel like I actually need to find a way to travel. To me, going on vacation means something very different. It means spending time with family, eating at restaurants you find on Urbanspoon, going to all the tourist “hot-spots” in the short amount of time you have to see an entire place… And as much as that is great and all, there are other ways to experience these amazing areas of the world.

So my hope, for the next couple years of my life where at the moment is completely unknown, is that I will be fortunate enough to travel.